green movement

Join the clean energy movement

Electricity produced from solar yields no emissions, no greenhouse gases, and no fossil fuels. Therefore, going solar is a guaranteed way for you to join the clean energy movement.

savings from solar

Save on your monthly electric bills

The most practical benefit of solar is the huge savings on power costs. If your panels are large enough, you may be able to produce electricity for your whole home or facility.

tax incentives

Enjoy attractive solar incentives

In the state of Washington, solar power systems are qualified for a tax credit of 26% on your federal income tax. Battery storage systems qualify for a 30% tax credit!

Practical sustainability within reach

Evergreen Solar offers superior solar energy system design and installation in Puget Sound. We are committed to helping residential and commercial clients achieve practical sustainability by offering unrivalled service and technology.

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Step-by-step process of going solar

We are off grid ourselves!

Our headquarters has been 100% off-grid from day one! Learn more about our mission to promote environmental sustainability and our company philosophy.

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Our team at Evergreen Solar adheres to strict implementation of all safety measures related to COVID-19. While we can attend face-to-face consultations, we highly encourage virtual appointments with clients.

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