Return on investment on solar panels

return on investment on solar

The topics on return on investment on solar panels are often debatable for a lot, especially if the knowledge is only from hearsay or unreliable information. There is a perception that solar panels are expensive and only for the rich – while there is some truth to it to an extent since there really is an upfront cost incurred by the installation of solar panels.

Environmental benefits of going solar

Environmental benefits of going solar

Indisputable that there are multiple environmental benefits of going solar. Read more to know more about why switching to solar is not only helpful to your pocket long term, but also for the environment.

What is the cheapest energy source in the world?

cheapest energy source

Sunlight is the Earth’s most abundant energy source is delivered free of charge, safe to say, the cheapest energy source of all. Read our blog post to learn more about the wonders of sunlight!

Most common solar panel problems and how to solve them

common solar panel problems

While quality panels guarantee power output for 20-25 years, you can still encounter common solar panel problems from system components. Knowing these common issues is vital so you can anticipate the steps to fixing them when the need arises. 

Signed by Wisam Hakim