Five eco-friendly practices you can start at home

Helping preserve the environment does not have to be big and grand. In fact, eco-friendly practices, when done consistently could bring more positive effects to the environment and can also influence people surrounding us. We have listed down five simple ways you can be eco-friendly and sustainable in your own right!

1. Reduce your unnecessary waste

Plastic bottles, food, sachets, and even clothing are products that can be harmful to the environment when tossed out. Practising zero-waste will help you control your consumption of goods and products you purchase. Start by bringing your eco-bag to the groceries, compost your food wastes, or refill your consumables. There are already multiple refill stations across Washington for cleaning supplies and hygiene.

2. Recycle, recycle, recycle

Sometimes, it can be unavoidable to buy certain plastic products. There will also be times when the clothes you wear will end up being torn and unusable. These shouldn’t be the basis for you to throw anything, though, as everything can be repurposed. Plastic products, like PET bottles, can be made into pots for new plants or new decorative items for your homes. Old clothes can be rags or washcloths or upcycled into something new.

There are also many recycling centres scattered across Washington if you have more products that you would like to get rid of safely.

3. Grow your own food

Growing your food is easy and more affordable. Living a sustainable lifestyle means that you can sustain yourself for a long extended period, and what better way to do that than starting your small farm. 

Farms don’t need to have big plots of land or a backyard. Indoor farming, or urban farming, is possible and just as manageable. There are plenty of methods that one can utilize to start off with, and with the Internet as a source of information, it won’t take you long to fully have pots full of tomatoes, lettuce, and even cucumbers. Soon, as you get used to taking care of these plants, you won’t have to buy products for your next salad bowl anymore.

4. Conserve water

Water waste is a serious problem nationwide. While the earth is in abundance with its oceans, clean water is not. At this point, you will need to think twice before leaving your faucet running as you brush your teeth or when you take extensive hours in the shower.

Conserving water means that others will have more access to clean water and that there will be more leftover, especially during the dry seasons. 

5. Switch to solar

One of the best eco-friendly practices in this alternative lifestyle is switching to solar energy. Solar energy makes use of the most abundant resource in the world: the sun. Installing solar panels in your home will harness the sun’s power to generate safe electricity for your entire household for the whole day. 

Installing solar panels is well-supported by Washington state, which benefits your bills and taxes. Going solar and going sustainable is the best move you can make today that will help you, the environment, as well as future generations to come.

What are you waiting for?

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