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Our solar energy company is an advocate of sustainability

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Evergreen Solar is proudly off-grid from day one!

We practice what we preach. We are not just carbon-neutral, but carbon-NEGATIVE in every aspect of our company. We take into account all aspects of our business for sustainability and climate impact, including the products we use, even the fuel used for commuting to and from work.

We have NABCEP-certified technicians

NABCEP is the gold standard of solar energy training and certification. All of our installation technicians go through a rigorous training and certification process before performing any work in the field. We take the time to make sure only the best and most knowledgeable people are working on your home!

Cutting-edge roof mapping technology

Our solar energy company uses detailed roof mapping and shadow tracking technology to accurately design the most efficient layout for our clients. This ensures you take advantage of the sunniest spots on your roof for your solar arrays!

Veteran-owned solar energy company

Veterans are cool – true story! One crazy veteran decided to take his knowledge of nuclear power, home construction and remodeling, and electronic controls to the solar power industry. And now here we are! We are happy to do our little part by offering additional discounts to active duty personnel and veterans. Don’t forget to ask during your consultation!

Meet our team

Konan Kile


Konan’s establishment of Evergreen Solar is driven by his innate passion about sustainable energy. He spent several years onboard a submarine thousands of miles from land and hundreds of feet underwater.

Quality work for him was not just important for preventing rework, but vital for our survival. Quality is deeply ingrained with Konan and therefore with Evergreen Solar.

His leadership skills and philosophy has been influenced by his diverse work experience in several industries, such as engineering, electronic controls, and home construction..

Jayson Raabe

Lead Technician

Jayson spent most of his life moving around the United States as part of an Air Force military family. In his younger years, he spent time learning fiction writing and participates in academic debate competitions. He is also passionate about the art of cooking and even participated in gourmet culinary competitions.

There was also a good deal of time he spent learning to design game codes, designing and engineering robotics, and various other things such as being in a rock band, being a ceramic artist, and being a competitive marksman in a Marine Corps JROTC regiment.

At work, Jayson shares his technical knowledge in renewable energy and engineering with his team.

Jayson also devotes a good portion of his time to his stream community that he has worked hard to build on the side these past few months. He is someone who works hard and is never afraid to try something new. He’s always there to get the job done and get it done right.

Whetanay Stubbs

Installation Technician

Whetanay’s passion for sustainability started from his younger years spent on the farm, raising animals and growing her own food with her family, without much reliance on electricity and modern water sources in Tonasket, Washington. After a while, she moved to the western side of Washington where she began her journey with automotive, construction and medical training.

She chose family over schooling but made the best she could out of it. She is an avid animal lover and loves her video games. Whetanay takes time enjoying fairs and conventions. She is a nerd at heart and has spent her working life in customer service styled jobs. A people person at heart and super social. Now living in Kitsap county she works to one day own a small farm and start a family. And every day she pushes to make that dream a reality.

Whetanay is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty for the sake of quality work and environmental sustainability. She is known at work as a go-getter and a motivator.

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