7 cities powered by solar panels

cities powered by solar panels

Let’s take a look at the top 7 cities powered by solar panels. Interestingly, these cities are located in the US, as well!

Here are the following cities that have played a major role in propagating the use of clean energy, continuously acquiring mounds of its benefits:

  1. Los Angeles, CA
  2. San Diego, CA
  3. Honolulu, HI
  4. Phoenix
  5. San Antonio
  6. New York
  7. San Jose

These rankings are based on the total solar photovoltaic (PV) installed and out of the 57 cities surveyed for this report, almost 90% of them more than doubled the total installed solar PV capacity between the years of 2013 and 2019. Reports say that cities across the United States are harnessing the transformative power of solar energy and have recognized its benefits such as protection of their own residents from extreme weather events and endangerment of public health.

The Sun Belt cities

It does not come as a surprise that the leading cities powered by solar panels are Sun Belt cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, and Phoenix. From a recent report made by Environment America that the United States has garnered more than 53 gigawatts (GW) of solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity. Cities with 50 or more watts of solar PV capacity installed per capita have even coined the term the “Solar Stars.”

Los Angeles, California is leading with 483.8 Megawatts (MW) and a national ranking of 1. There is no doubt that the nation continues to progress towards renewable energy. With large and influential cities like the ones mentioned above, this is a step further in encouraging more cities and households to go solar.

According to Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti, “Los Angeles is blessed with abundant sunshine and with the most solar power in the country we are proud to be putting it to good use.” He then adds, “We look forward to increasing that amount significantly in the coming years through the nation’s largest Feed-in Tariff program and broadening adoption by residential customers, simultaneously creating green jobs and combating climate change.”


Another leading city, Honolulu, says that they are honoured to once again earn one of the top spots in Environment America’s nationwide study on PV capacity per capita. Their administration continues to call for spending over $4 million annually over the next 4 years to install PV systems at city facilities to continue pushing the needle when it comes to clean, sustainable energy.

As more cities continue to use solar energy, it really isn’t hard to believe that we have a sustainable and reliable future with it. It only takes one to have others move in that direction and if powerful countries like the United States advocate for its use, then we’ll all be going solar in no time. More leaders are setting goals and implementing programs that are solely focused on bringing solar energy to their citizens.

Moreover, the study highlights the multiple benefits of utilizing solar energy – lessening air pollution, the reduction of climate change’s threat, as well as the help it can give when it comes to the financial and economic growth of different communities and nations.

It is truly wonderful to see the use of solar energy growing and expanding to more places and households. This is what Evergreen Solar stands and advocates for – solar energy should be within reach as well as affordable if we want a future that makes use of safe and clean energy. We encourage more city leaders to adopt and embrace policies that permit solar energy and its benefits to shine.

Signed by Wisam Hakim