Get your solar panel estimates quickly

DYI solar panel cost

Get your solar panel estimates quickly

Solar panels are almost always synonymous with unaffordable and complicated. Evergreen Solar simplifies the concept by giving you a close estimate of your solar panel cost based on your desired monthly coverage. 


STEP 1: Determine how much do you wish to save monthly (X) and divide it by 0.093 (cost per kilowatt-hour in Washington). The result will give you the average kilowatt-hour savings per month. 

EX: $100 / 0.093 = 1,075.27 kWh/month 

STEP 2. Multiply the result by 12 (for 12 months in a year)

EX: 1,075.27 kWh/month  X 12 months = 12,903.24 kWh/year

STEP 3: Divide the result to 365 (days in a year)

EX: 12,903.24 / 365 = 35.35 kWh/day 

STEP 4: Solar panel absorbs energy only during the period of optimum sunlight exposure, which is up to 5 hours per day. Thus, we have to take this into account, as well. 

EX: 35.35 kWh/day / 5 = 7.07 kWh/hour as for optimum solar panel operation

STEP 5: Convert kWh to watt per hour, as charges are done per watt. 

EX: 7.07 kWh/hour X 1000 (for watt conversion) = 7070.26 watts per hour

SUMMARY: For an individual to save $100 a month, a solar system built has to generate 7070.26 watts per hour. 


How much will it cost to build a solar panel?

Remember the result of our earlier calculation? Simply multiply it by $1.80, Evergreen Solar’s cost of solar panel per watt. 

7070.26 watts per $1.80 = $12,726.50

Note: This is the cost for the solar panels only

Other factors involved

The cost will vary based on multiple factors which are fully customized by yourself. Here are the following parts and the related costs attached to them.

Type of panels

  1. Standard 
  2. Black
  3. High-end black or contact us for any customized request

Our standard panels look very much like the panels you see on most rooves. However, many people prefer the aesthetics of black panels, so we give that option as well for an added cost. We also work with a variety of manufacturers to work with your specific needs (including solar roofs).

Type of inverter

  1. Hybrid string inverter
  2. String inverter with DC optimizers
  3. Microinverters

Inverters are required to convert the DC electricity from the panels into AC for your home.

  1. Our standard is to use hybrid string inverters, which are single boxes mounted on a wall. They’re called hybrid inverters because they can work with both panels and batteries, allowing you to easily add batteries down the road.
  2. DC optimizers work with string inverters and are mounted behind every panel. They are generally used when trees or other objects may cause shading issues.
  3. Microinverters, as they sound, are small inverters mounted behind each panel. Each panel operates independently to account for any shading. Adding batteries requires more costs with microinverters and they don’t produce a pure sine wave AC output, but some systems require microinverters to work properly.


  1. Silver
  2. Gold
  3. Platinum

Silver Package 

(DIY kit) includes everything you’ll need to install the system yourself (or with a friend to help):

  • Solar panels
  • Mounting equipment
  • Engineering drawings for permitting
  • Inverters
  • Special PV rated wiring and MC4 electrical connectors
  • Online training and phone support

Gold Package

Includes everything from the Silver Package as well as:

  • Dedicated solar expert to help you throughout the process
  • Up to 3 on-site visits during the installation process as well as a final inspection
  • Our 10-year all-inclusive warranty, which can be extended up to 20 years

Platinum Package

is a complete turnkey solution. It includes everything from the silver and gold packages as well as:

  • Professional installation of panels, wiring and grid connection as well as all necessary permitting
  • Quality check of the entire system
  • One free annual maintenance service ($200 value)

Battery backup

Battery backup systems provide a source of backup power for when the grid goes down. These setups vary greatly depending on your needs and require specific integration with each system. 

For further information, please contact us for more information at [email protected].

Signed by Wisam Hakim