Home and commercial solar energy services in Puget Sound

We provide Puget Sound with state-of-the-art and cost-efficient home and commercial solar energy solutions. Schedule an appointment to learn more about our solar PV solutions.

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Home solar services

More and more homeowners switch to solar for the numerous short and long-term guaranteed benefits, like direct savings on monthly bills and reduced carbon footprint.

We are the preferred home solar services provider due to the consistent positive customer experience we deliver, our quality of work, and our world-class aesthetics which blends seamlessly with performance.

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Commercial solar energy services

Whether your company advocates environmental sustainability or you simply wish to protect your business from the ever-increasing price of electricty which could impede your profitability, going solar is definitely the way to go for your long-term solution.

Our team can advise the solar program which right for your business depends on your objectives. Take advantage of our cutting-edge technology, high-standard service, flexible pricing and expert team.

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Battery back-up systems

A professionally installed residential or commercial battery and energy storage system can protect your home or building from unforseen circumstances, such as power outage or extended inclement weather conditions.

Trust our team for your battery storage system installation. With backup battery storage to ensure you’re never without your solar power, you’ll be able to use energy more efficiently.

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Solar repair and maintenance

If your solar PV system is not providing the power output it was designed for, you might just need a service call to get it working at optimal level. At Evergreen Solar, we have a service and repair team that is experienced and capable of bringing your system back to peak performance.

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DIY Solar Panel Installations

Do you want to take on the challenge of installing your solar system yourself? Our solar panel kits for home are easy for you or a contractor to install.

Each solar panel kit comes with a customized plan from our specialists, solar panels, grid-tie inverters and mounting hardware and is customized to your energy needs and home’s unique specifications.

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