5 easy hacks in solar panel maintenance

solar panel maintenance

It’s a fact that having a solar-powered household is an investment, thus, requiring attentive solar panel maintenance plans. Of course, just like our cars, gadgets, and homes, we need to take good care of our solar panel investments, too.

Although solar panels generally require little effort in maintaining their optimal functions, it wouldn’t hurt to take these extra measures in making sure that they’re well taken care of.

Here are some tips for solar panel maintenance:

Remove debris on your solar panels

Leaves, heavy snowfall, and other matter that can block the sun’s rays can hinder the panels and overall solar system from functioning. It is important to make sure that nothing is obstructing the panels from receiving sunlight.

If your solar panels are installed in a titled way, debris can easily fall or slide down. Rainfall can easily wash away the debris on the panels. However, it is still recommended to manually clean your panels two to four times annually. It only takes a leaf blower, a garden hose, or a sweeper to clean them.

Do not use harsh materials

Solar panels can be very sensitive and fragile since they are usually made of glass. It is important to use materials that are also delicate such as soft cloths and sponges.

The use of abrasive soaps or sponges can result in scratching the glass of the panels. This can even damage the panels which can be very costly to repair. As for hosing your panels, avoid getting too close as harsh or high pressure can still damage the glass, depending on how fragile they are.

Document the day-to-day performance of your panels

To ensure that the performance of your solar systems is in top condition, it is essential to keep track of their daily performance. Some of the factors that you need to check are the amount of energy produced, the weather, etc. to understand why they were functioning in such a manner.

This allows you to recognize the different factors that affect the level of production and performance that your system is delivering. More than that, you will see if the operation of your system is starting to depreciate or decline, alerting you if it’s in need of repair or replacement, preventing further damages or unexpected power loss.

Clean your panels early in the morning or in the evening

It is already common knowledge for solar panel owners that they function during the daytime, and hand-in-hand with this is the heat that glass absorbs from being exposed to sunlight. You do not want to hurt yourself in the process of cleaning your panels.

If you’re doubting your abilities, hire a professional to do it

Never put yourself at risk while cleaning your solar system. If you deem that there are uncertain safety issues that you will encounter in cleaning or debriding your panels, hire a professional to do it for you. They are fully equipped with proper materials and knowledge.

Hiring help need not be expensive as well, as you are consistent and diligent in taking care of them. Prevention is always better than cure! In Evergreen Solar, we also teach you how to take care of our panels to make sure that they last and that you get the most out of them, making your investment worth it.

Signed by Wisam Hakim