Common solar energy myths

solar panel myths

Evergreen Solar advocates for the use and accessibility of solar energy. However, different solar energy myths prevent us by way of misinformation or even outdated knowledge.

Here are some solar energy myths we want to debunk:

MYTH #1: Solar panels damage roofs

Contrary to popular belief, just because solar panels are installed on top of your roofing does not exactly equate to damaging them. In fact, panels protect or lengthen the life span of the area of the roof the panels cover.

Think of it as a protective layer preserving the material of the roof. In the event that the roof gets damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced, the panels can be easily removed since they are not directly attached to the roof. The panels are merely sitting on top of them with a considerable amount of space between the panels and the roof.

MYTH #2: Solar panels only work during sunny weather

It is a misconception that solar panels or solar systems are useless when the weather isn’t sunny but this isn’t the case. Solar systems are actually able to perform efficiently during cloudy, rainy, or snowy days since these weather conditions do not necessarily stop them from functioning or producing electricity.

The technology of modern solar panels actually allows them to work more effectively in cooler temperatures. Sunny winter days produce a level of electricity that is comparable to a sunny summer day, in which such results were observed in countries like Germany, the United Kingdom, China, and Italy.

MYTH #3: Installation of solar panels is expensive

Looking at the numbers for the past decade, there has been a noticeable rise in the users of solar systems as they have become more accessible and affordable to many. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the cost of installation, as well as price per kilowatt, has fallen up to 70% since 2009.

MYTH #4: The maintenance of solar panels is expensive and complicated

Solar panel installation shouldn’t be as complicated as you imagine it to be as long as you consult and work with a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer. Cleaning and maintain solar panels really only make use of the usual basic elements – soap and water.

It should not be also done as frequently as you’d think if installed in such a manner that debris just falls or slides down and doesn’t accumulate on top of the panels themselves. More often than not, panels nowadays are sturdier and more durable, requiring less maintenance as they virtually do it themselves.

MYTH #5: Solar panels aren’t long-lasting

Solar systems are projected to last for more than two decades – increasing the monetary or financial returns of your investment, their use, and even the help you’re doing for the environment during its lifespan.

The usual materials of solar panels are designed to withstand different and harsh weather conditions and the usual matter that falls on them. As a matter of fact, solar panels that were installed in the 80s are known to still be functional up to this very day. Not only are they reliable, but their durability has also increased over the past two decades.

For a company like Evergreen Solar, we make sure that our clients are properly informed about the use, functions, and benefits brought about by having a solar-powered environment. We are staffed and equipped with knowledgeable professionals who will make sure that you have the best experience with solar energy. What other solar energy myths have you heard recently?

Signed by Wisam Hakim