Can solar panels produce electricity without direct sunlight?

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In the process of producing electricity, solar panels work through photons found in natural daylight, not exactly from sunlight itself. Meaning, panels can use either direct or indirect sunlight to generate power.

An example of this idea is when you’re warming up the room with a heater. The warmth emitted by the heater is the thing that’s keeping the room’s temperature comfortable and snug. However, you do not have to stand directly next to it all the time just to feel warm.

Although solar panels installed under direct sunlight produces the optimum output, but the contrary doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to get the significant benefits of solar power.

Is it possible for solar panels to function on cloudy days?

Photovoltaic (PV) panels make use of daylight to produce and transform energy into electricity. Shade or the lack of sunlight can affect its performance one way or another, but not to the extent of losing functionality. Functionality increases in terms of efficiency but the amount of energy produced will still depend on just how much shade is covering them.

Modern solar panels work reasonably well even when cloudy. Again, a little shade doesn’t mean that the sun isn’t working in your favour nor isn’t producing photons. Be it during wintertime, solar panels can still withstand any season and work properly all year long

It is understandable that solar panels produce less energy in the wintertime as there is less exposure or presence of sunlight. During the winter hemisphere, days are shorter as nights grow longer. Similar to rainy days, which can even be helpful in cleaning out dust or dirt lingering on the solar panels in order for them to work better.

Do solar panels work at night?

Short answer: NO. Solar panels do not work at night since they need sunlight to produce energy. But that doesn’t mean you will experience power loss during nighttime. Solar batteries store energy produced during the daytime and the concept of solar storage is often mixed up with the idea of functionality of solar panels.

Batteries work as your fail-safe mechanism when optimum sunlight exposure is not possible. This way they are able to store energy garnered from days that are sunny or sunlight is heightened. This prevents the loss of power during days that the sun is not as present or visible.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, it still boils down to the quality of panels that you are investing in and the longevity and the potential to hold out against any situation, be it cloudy, stormy, and snowy days. You need to be able to look at the payback of your ventures.

Evergreen Solar provides solar systems that are more than capable of withstanding any circumstances that will ensure smooth and effective use of solar power. You do not have to worry about power faltering during the times you need it most.

Signed by Wisam Hakim